My Story

Although I’m in the best shape of my life now..

…that wasn’t always the case.

Go back ten years and I was surviving on 3 hours sleep a night, I practically lived in the Doctors waiting room and my hormones were all over the place. I was miserable, with periods that lasted half the month and joint discomfort so bad I had to sell-up my hairdressing salon and change careers.

I struggled on like this for a long time, feeling tired, brain-fogged and fed-up.

I’d never heard of Isagenix and thought shakes and dieting was a waste of time. It wasn’t until I saw a friend start to transform her body that I stopped to really consider it.

You see, I desperately wanted to gain muscle mass to continue my passion for pole dancing, but I just couldn’t gain weight (I know, the opposite to everyone else). Add to that the cheeky little roll of fat that popped over the top of my low-rise jeans that no amount of working out could fix and I was stumped. Should I just sit back and accept this as part of aging?


Nothing to lose

But no, I’ve never been one to take things lying down, so, I decided to give Isagenix a go, after all, I had nothing to lose with their money back guarantee. Within the first week that dazed foggy feeling lifted, I felt like I could think clearly and my energy shot up.

After a month I was sleeping longer and more soundly every night, and after three months even my kids asked why I was so happy and had stopped yelling so much!

After 6 months I’d stopped having to strap my wrists for pole, I’d hardly seen my Doctor at all and my periods had balanced to 5 days.

Now I’m about to turn 52 and I’m in the best shape in my life, and aging isn’t worrying me like it used to. My mother’s generation believed that looking like a keg-on-legs was just part-and-parcel of middle age, but I say no!

I’m taking a stand for you…

Ladies, you deserve to feel fabulous at every age, so don’t you dare settle for anything less!

Confident and healthy

“I followed the program to a T and before I knew it the kilos were dropping off! Now I feel more confident, photogenic and attractive and ready for anything.”

Yamin, lost 5kgs


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